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I'm Matt DiMenno. Welcome to Laser Focus SEO! I'll be sharing all my tips, tricks, and secrets to ranking #1 in Google for all of you target keywords. 

You may have seen some of my work before. I'm going to share all of my knowledge so that, like me, you can succeed at outranking you competition and dominate Google SERPs.

Why is seo important?

Additional Information

Search Engine Optimization or simply, SEO, is the practice of optimizing the various elements of your website, with the purpose of improving the visibility of the website in the Local & Organic search results. 


The biggest and most important benefit of Search Engine Optimization is more website traffic. The fact is, when you increase the visibility of your website in the search results, naturally, you increase the number of website visitors which increases the number of leads. Ideally, it should increase sales and ultimately revenue.

An effective Search Engine Optimization strategy that provides high positioning (top 5), receives the majority (65-75%) of local & organic impressions, drives a significant amount of traffic and subsequently, clicks.

Additionally, sustainable high rankings drive brand awareness.

Keyword Research is the first step in determining an SEO Strategy. Keywords or keyword phrases are what consumers type into a search engine to find a product, service or simply to find what they are looking for. 

Making SEO on my tablet

Making SEO on my tablet


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